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Finalists for the 2014 Bisexual Book Awards:

(listed alphabetically by title)

Bisexual Non-fiction


Werner Bischof


Werner Bischof

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A Thought on Sexism:

It makes me sad and angry (Sandry!) that when some Ladies talk about their experience of sexism they feel the need to add things on the end like ‘but I was wearing baggy clothes’ or ‘I wasn’t ever dressed up’ or ’ I was wearing a jumper’. 

      This treatment is wrong regardless of what you are wearing. In any clothes  If you go out onto the street in your best heels and booby-shirt, or if you go out in hippie pants and a hoody.

We feel like this because of all of those other people who go on about what Ladies wear and how that means they ‘deserved’ that treatment. I just want to punch them about the head!